Linnzi Zaorski

picture of Linnzi Zaorski on a couch
Photo by Brindi Low

Linnzi Zaorski is an American jazz singer and songwriter based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally from central Louisiana, she moved to New Orleans in the late 1990s. One evening she stumbled upon a traditional jazz band performing at a dive bar in the French Quarter and began singing with them regularly. Linnzi and this group of musicians eventually coalesced to form The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, and they began performing regularly at the Spotted Cat Music Club and in other venues around New Orleans in the early 2000s. They recorded their first self-titled CD, The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, in 2001. She started her own band, Delta Royale, in 2002 and has since recorded six albums under her own name with some of the finest musicians in New Orleans.

Her music has been featured in a variety of television programs and films, including: Michael Almerayda’s New Orleans, Mon Amour, HBO’s Treme, the French public national television channel France 2, Simon West’s The Mechanic, Jeremy Kasten’s Wizard of Gore, Matt Riddlehoover’s Book Ends, Tim Wolff’s The Sons of Tennessee Williams and most recently Guy Shalem’s Cook–Off!. In 2006, following Hurricane Katrina, Linnzi and her music were featured in a national story on NPR’s “All Things Considered” by commentator Andrei Codrescu. Look for Linnzi and her band in the upcoming 4th season of NCIS: New Orleans.

Greet The Dawn (2016)

Naughty Sweetie (2011)

It's A Wonderful Record (2009)

Hot Wax & Whiskey (2007)

Hotsy-Totsy (2004)

Linnzi Zaorski & Delta Royale (2002)